Nishant Tharani

Hi, I'm Nish

I'm a Computer Science Masters student at the University of Southern California, in the Honors Program. I've enjoyed working on many tough engineering problems - from designing machine learning experiments, to implementing distributed key-value databases, and building full-stack web applications. I'm as excited about building great products as I am about low-level systems engineering.


yelp business search

NodeJS React Bootstrap

A responsive full stack web app to search for businesses using the Yelp API and view their details.

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C Unix/Linux

I built an operating system kernel in C, implementing low level subsystems such as processes and threads, a virtual filesystem, and virtual memory with paging and pagefault handling.

animated sudoku

Python (Flask) JavaScript

I found two things interesting while making this basic Sudoku web app. 1) Generating Sudoku puzzles guaranteed to have a single unique solution, which I did by generating a random solved grid and then clearing cells one by one, making sure a unique solution remained. 2) It animates the backtracking algorithm used to solve the puzzle, and it's cool to see how the time taken to solve has such high variance.

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tiny niSh

C Unix/Linux

A simple shell written in C.

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May 2023 - Aug 2023

Software Engineer Intern

At DoorDash I developed the next version of a customer-facing tool used over 2.8 million times per month. I participated in the back-end design process and then implemented functionality over the full stack, by writing new gRPC back-end endpoints in Kotlin and NodeJS, and translating UX designs to React front-end code. At the end I presented a live (working) demo to hundreds of coworkers including senior leadership.

University of Southern California

Jan 2023 - May 2023, Aug 2023 - Present

Teaching Assistant

As a TA for CSCI 353 ('Introduction to Internetworking'), I lead office hours for a class of over 100 students, where I help students with debugging C++ multithreaded networking code.

Information Sciences Institute (VIMAL Lab)

Jan 2022 - Aug 2022

Student Researcher

I worked on multiple DARPA-sponsored projects as an AI researcher in the field of computer vision. Some stuff I did:

  • Researched the development of deep computer vision models that are robust to adversarial attacks.
  • Built a machine learning pipeline to protect images of faces from biometric scraping, with imperceptible changes to the images.
  • Improved research efficiency by developing modular and reusable components that integrate with PyTorch.

About Me

I grew up in Tanzania, moved to the UK after that, and now study in Los Angeles.
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